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Introduction to Perfumer’s Choice

The Oscars party, hosted by the superstar-of-the-moment; VIP tickets to the most admired event; Front row seats at Paris Fashion Week; the untouchable realm of exclusivity. Luxury Fragrance Perfume falls within the same exclusive category. Locked behind closed doors, only those with the wealth to turn the key are able to access to the elite world of luxury perfumery fragrance…

Until now, with Perfumer’s Choice.

The launch of Milton-Lloyd's new fragrance collection range; Perfumer’s Choice, has removed the financial barrier to the world of fine fragrance. Perfumer’s Choice has been created from the finest perfumery oils, all chosen by the world's most talented perfumers. These precious, exceptional oils are put in at the highest concentration imaginable, providing the wearer an eight hour guarantee, with outstanding quality and performance, at an outstandingly affordable price. This elegant range makes luxurious quality scents more widely accessible than ever before imagined.
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